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VIP Sellers Program

9   Reason to Join Our VIP Sellers Program!

We   Guarantee the Minimum Sale Price before signing the agreement!

– Want   to make sure your home is sold at best price in the area?

Our VIP   Sellers get a fully written Guarantee of Minimum price at which I will sell   their home for, before signing the agreement. If we miss the guaranteed   number in the contract and sell your house for price lesser then that, we   penalize ourselves by giving you $1000 gift card for any store of your   choice. This is not just $1000 on the table for you, this is a assurance that   we will do everything possible to make sure that your house sells for the   maximum possible price, as we also would like to save that $1000. Result is a   Win Win situation for our VIP Sellers!

Buy   & Sell Package!

– Are   you Moving up to a better home and selling the existing one?

Our VIP   Sellers, get Special discount on our commissions, if they do both buying   & selling from us i.e. If both transactions are done through us, we will   reduce Listing brokerage standard commissions by 50% without discounting the   services we offer with full commissions package i.e. our Gold Sellers   Package. A substantial saving, which will reduce your selling cost   considerably without compromising on marketing of your home. This guarantee   is over and above the price guarantee.

Free   Home Staging Assistance

– Don’t   know, how to make your house look the best for Selling?

As part   of our VIP Sellers package, we will give you a FREE home staging consultation   i.e. help you make your home look the best, with minimum possible spending.   With Multiple years being in business and having worked with numerous buyers,   we have clearly understood, what SELLS and together we can make your house   look the best of its capabilities.

Discounted   Renovations!

–   Renovations can cost 1000’s. Our VIP Sellers get them at discount, without   compromise on quality!

Every   house needs a renovation at one point or another. It may be as small as   painting the house or carpet shampoo or changing the kitchen counter top or   making the whole basement to give few examples. Our VIP Sellers get their   renovations done for 5% – 10% cheaper then the market rate for similar   renovation, with the help of our reputed contracts, who have proven their   work quality over the years doing multiple projects for us. This Gives our   clients an upper edge over other home owners, as most of the time, you may   not even realize what are the best options available to you in terms of   design and style. We guide you through the process, so that you can make a   more informed decision.

FREE   Professional Virtual Tour!

– Do   You know how many Buyers don’t even look at listings which don’t have proper   pictures?

Yes   that is true and 1st hand experienced. Many buyers have claimed clearly that   they like to see listings which have professional virtual tours on them and   further they don’t even open the listings which don’t have pictures on them.   This creates a great importance of creating a professional virtual tour. We   do it for all our listings for FREE. our Gold Sellers Package also   offers a YouTube Video, which further enhances the effect of your marketing.   Please call to ask for complete details on our various packages   available…..we have something for every budget and requirement.

Strong   Internet Marketing is Assured!

– Do   you know, Up to 80% Buyers start their home search over Internet?

Gone   are the days when print was in command. Internet is the source adopted by 70   – 80% Home Buyers as their starting home search resource. So, presence &   presentation of your home over the internet is critical for exploring a   largest segment of market. All our listings get a dedicated & search   engine optimized URL, which is specific to their property. This drives lots   of traffic to your listing and many times creates far better results then   only loading it on MLS system and putting a board outside. Multiple marketing   initiatives assure exceptional results.

“We   will also do what traditional agents offer”

– We   still love Traditional, as that is also an important aspect of selling your   home!

Most of   the agents you will come across, will assure you the following:

  • MLS        Listing
  • Regular        Website Listing
  • Put        a Lawn sign outside your home
  • Open        houses
  • Colour        Flyer Printing etc

We will   still offer you that PLUS all above.

“Find   Me a Renter” Assistance

– Want   to rent your Investment Property?

Many   Buyers/Investors complaint “our agent disappeared after selling” As part of   our VIP Package, you are assured, we will stand by your side even after the   sale. For Investment properties, if you buy them from us, for one time, we   offer to assist you in renting it for free, if you decide to rent it within   1st 3 months of purchase. Additional savings for Our VIP Buyers!

Referral   Fees Deductions!

– We   Appreciate Your Referrals!!!

The   maximum business we get is mostly through referrals due to our philosophy “We   Believe in Making Clients for Lifetime!” Good service assures references for   us and satisfaction for our clients. Satisfied clients also want their   friends and family also to benefit from our services. For every reference our   VIP Seller provide us, who buys their home through us, as a token of   appreciation, we will provide you a $500 commission reduction certificate   from our Listing Brokerage fees, to a maximum limit of $0, as and when you   sell your house. By doing so, you are not only saving money for yourself, but   also helping your friend’s use someone tested for such an important decision   and helping me get a new client. It is a win win for everyone involved.

So What   are you waiting for pick up the phone & call today or fill in the form   below!

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